Overhaul of the Terminal

Rationale for NGP’s re-engineering

Shortage of transshipment capacity

Even now during the peak harvest period the terminal is unable to meet all the demand due to limited storage capacity for accumulating shiploads. Thus, these potential volumes are diverted to other deep- or shallow-water terminals

Limited storage capacity

During the wheat harvest season due to the lack storage capacity it is impossible to accumulate 50-60 thousand tons shiploads of corn and barley, export of which from Russia has been growing significantly in the recent years

Limited transshipment capacities

The delay of a vessel or bad weather for a few days stop the intake of grain to the elevator, causing numerous complaints from customers and rail carriers.

Key goals of the reconstruction project

Increase of
grain storage
capacity for storing
Increase of
railway intake
Increase of
capacity for
loading grain
to ships

Project implementation scheme

Reconstruction of the terminal: before and after