1882 – 1893

Construction of Novorossiysk silo-type granary, the largest in Europe, the second largest in the world with storage capacity of 49 000 tons, to serve the economic needs of the state.

1928 – 1930
Construction of conveyor gallery to transport the grain to the pier with the capacity of 400 tons/hour.
1943 – 1958

Reconstruction of the elevator after the WWII, construction of two flour mills

1956-1958 – Growth of export operations led to the construction of:

  • new grain elevator of 100,000 tons storage capacity;
  • ship loading facility of 1,000 tons/hour capacity.
1980 – 1984

USSR begins to import grain, and necessary infrastructure is constructed:

  • elevator for loading grain into railcars with the capacity of 44,000 tons;
  • two grain receiving machines made by Buhler.
1994 – 1996

New era of the Russian grain export. Elevator’s equipment was refitted to be used for export.


Terminal modernization:

  • commissioning of two ship loading machines by NEUERO with total capacity of 1,800 tons/hour;
  • silo-to-ship conveyor gallery’s capacity upgraded to 1,600 tons/hour.
At the end of the first half of 2015 the company becomes the leader among the deep-water grain terminals on the Russian Black Sea Coast.