NGP to Procure Equipment Worth RUR 1.7Bn for Its New Elevator

09.11.2015, 17:29

NGP will procure equipment worth 1.7bn roubles for its new elevator.

Novorossiysk Grain Plant (NGP) plans to procure equipment worth 1.7bn roubles for its new elevator in Novorossiysk. The company placed a respective order on the government procurement website, as reported by SPARK-Marketing.

As part of its procurement policy, NGP acquires silages, bucket elevators, compressor and aspiration equipment, etc. It is noted that the company buys equipment from both Russian and foreign manufacturers.

NGP needs the said equipment to deliver the investment project of building a granary holding 100,000 tons of grain.

Novorossiysk Grain Plant, according to the company, represents one of the biggest export-oriented transshipment complexes with total grain transshipment in excess of 3.5m tons per year.

According to SPARK, the founder of PJSC NGP is United Grain Company (holds a 50.99 % stake in the authorized capital). The proceeds of NGP in 2014 were 3.2bn roubles, up 77.5 % against the level of 2013. The company’s net profit last year reached 1.3bn roubles against 603.2m roubles a year earlier.