NGP Steps Up Flour Export.

09.11.2015, 17:24

Novorossiysk Grain Plant (NGP) has stepped up the flour export, as reported by the company’s briefing service. During 9 months more than 7,700 tons were exported, a lot more than during the same period of last year, accounting for 39 % of all sold produce.

A considerable part of the flour, 6,200 tons, has been shipped to South Korea. Other export destinations include Armenia, Israel and Thailand. At the present time talks are under way with a South Korea-based company about signing of a long-term contract for another 10,000 tons. Given that present-day flour production at NGP amounts to about 30,000 tons per year, the new contract will allow selling 33 % of this volume, says the briefing service’s report. Furthermore the company is negotiating flour supplies to China via Dalian or Shanghai ports as well as to Brazil.