NGP Builds Up Its Share in Grain Transshipment to 24.8 % of Total Transshipment Volumes at the Terminals of Azov-Black Sea Basin

09.11.2015, 17:31

NGP built up its share in grain transshipment to 24.8 % of total transshipment volumes at the terminals of Azov Black Sea basin.

Novorossiysk Grain Plant (NGP) during 9 months of this year has increased its share in grain transshipment to 24.8 % of total transshipment volumes at deepwater terminals of the Azov Black Sea basin, becoming the leader in terms of shipped volumes.

“During three quarters of this year the Complex has transshipped 2.31m tons of grain, which accounts for 24.8 % of total shipping volumes, while last year this parameter stood at 21.6 %,” First Deputy CEO NGP Yuri Medvedev reported for Interfax.

In his words, the terminal secured leading positions due to optimization of logistical chains and robust engagement with exporters. “Commodity stock turnover can be increased only in case of joint effort by the terminal and its clients, when we together think of maximally fast and effective transshipment of declared consignments of farm produce,” he explained.

Mr. Yuri Medvedev reminded that revamping is currently under way at the terminal. The company has already invested about 500m roubles of equity and plans to attract bank financing in the future.

The project completion will result in total capacity of the terminal growing from 3.5m tons to 6.1m tons per year.

“In addition to building new grain storage facilities, another key project will be the overhaul of internal access ways, which will allow train cars with grain to be reloaded into NGP granaries, bypassing the main railway station of Novorossiysk port,” Medvedev commented. “This will enable full-size trains of 40-50 cars to be systematically dispatched from inland elevators to our terminal.”

Regularity of the pace of grain export may grow substantially, he underlined.

According to Mr. Medvedev, the elevators of United Grain Company holding a controlling stake in the Complex as well as independent market players may dispatch trains with farm produce to NGP.

Yuri Medvedev also informed that the main competitor of NGP in terms of grain transshipment during 9 months of this year has been Novorossiysk Grain Terminal which has shipped 2.19m tons, followed by KSK (Delo Group) that exported 1.83m tons of grain for the same period.